Hygienic Pipes

Please contact customer service for price information, dimensions, desired standards and dimensions of hygienic pipes. Standard information is stated representatively. Please forward the standard information that best suits your request to our sales representative.

Material Information; EN-10357 / DIN-11850 / TS ISO 2037 etc.

What is Hygienic Pipe?

Compared to standard welded pipes, Hygienic Pipes are produced in one seamless piece. No post-welding, splicing or stitching is done. It prevents the formation of bacteria, dirt and microorganisms compared to traditional steel pipes. These pipes are produced in one piece, seamless in stainless steel production. Therefore, its cost is higher than other stainless pipes. Choosing the steel standard that best suits your area of use will be the most suitable for your project. If you need to use it for the food and pharmaceutical industries, Hygienic Seamless Pipes are the most suitable metal for you.

What is DIN 11850 Standard?

It is a stainless steel pipe standard used globally. DIN and EN norms have been confirmed as Hygienic Pipe by the European Union coal and steel community “European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC)”. DIN and EN norms are also referred to as Series A and Series B.

What is TS ISO 2037 Standard?

The local standard code defined for Hygienic Stainless Steel Pipes by the decision dated 7.03.2002, which came into force by the Turkish Standards Institute to be named locally. This standard code was deemed invalid as “Cancelled Standard” by the same institute on 28.04.2022. Global code DIN-11850 is actively used.

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